The Architectural Series

Visual performance and sophistication

Introducing The Architectural Series by Town & Country, North America’s most sophisticated luxury fireplace.

Designed for visual performance, The Architectural Series features a dramatic flame powered by 16,000 BTUs per foot combined with a custom firebox airflow control system to allow fine art or the ultimate TV to hang directly above the viewing area. Narrow depth cool touch glass makes the flame the focal point while loadbearing construction offers the interior designer complete flexibility.

Due to the semi-custom nature of the Architectural Series this product is only available at select retailers – we invite you to contact our team for more information.


The Architectural Series fireplaces are designed to fit your imagination. Zero-clearance installations, load-bearing designs*, and a custom firebox airflow system so you can complete the look with artwork or a big screen TV, right above the fireplace.

With seven layouts, three glass heights, and flames that run 5’ to 8’, you can add a luxury fireplace into virtually any design.



Choose the look that fits your vision

Configure your fireplace with a backdrop of porcelain panels, enamelled in our factory in North America. Available in two colours: Lustrous Black or Matte Titanium porcelain enamel.

For a seamless look, choose the one-piece, continuous reflective back glass that draws focus to the fire. Both are standard options, and with a bed of tumbled, translucent glass, provide a luxurious look with or without the flame.

Compatible Firebox Panels



Black Glass

Light Bright

Choose any colour on the spectrum with the under-burner LED panel. Our innovative design provides consistent light in whatever hue suits your mood, with dimmable controls so you can choose the colour’s intensity for your preferred ambience.

Beyond Smart

The Architectural Series fireplaces seamlessly integrate with your home automation system. Flame control and variable lighting – including light intensity, hold colour, or looping – are selected by the optional touchscreen control and can be locked out for a commercial environment. As an additional feature, the touchscreen can also provide system status, offering diagnostics for service personnel.


Exclusive digital control automatically regulates venting for optimal performance and safety.


Innovative power vent system provides flexible options to locate – or hide – terminations in architecturally sensitive areas.


Continuous temperature monitoring adjusts fan speed to maintain safe glass temperatures

Construction Ready

Offers structural support up to 2000 lbs with no visible supports*
*All models excluding peninsula

Designed for professionals

Architects, designers, and builders love our venting systems that accommodate every application. Powered direct venting, flexible terminals, and a flush termination system allow venting through exterior walls or the roof, in houses or condos, and powered venting systems allow for 150’ of run and up to six 90° elbows. Venting options include horizontal flush mount, horizontal surface mount and vertical surface mount.

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For Residents of California

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