Do you have a specific gas fireplace in stock, and how much does it cost?

As the manufacturer, we rely on a dedicated team of qualified dealers to best help our customers. Our Find a Showroom search will help you find a qualified dealer near you.

Can I buy direct from the factory?

Town & Country does not sell direct. Due to the many unique aspects of each installation, our team of authorized hearth retailers are specifically trained to help you choose and install the right fireplace for your home or project.

Can I buy a Town & Country fireplace via the Internet?

Your home or project has unique installation and venting requirements that only an authorized dealer can determine. Homeowners expose themselves to hidden costs, poor appliance operation and risk of damage and fire by purchasing fireplaces online and using inexperienced installers. Only your local dealer is aware of building and gas code requirements within your area.

No Town & Country dealer is authorized to sell you our products via the Internet or to ship our products outside their respective selling region. This ensures that you have ongoing access to trained technical support.


What is the warranty on my fireplace?

Our full warranty can be viewed on the warranty page.

I have a specific problem or question about my fireplace. Who should I contact?

Your first contact should be the dealer from whom you purchased your Town & Country product. They should be able to answer any questions about product operation or service. If they cannot help you, please contact the Regional Distributor.

How do I find a dealer?

Our Find a Showroom search will help you find a qualified dealer near you.

I lost my operating manual. Where can I get new one?

Each individual product page contains a link to the installation manual and the user manual. It is important to refer to the correct manual. For older manuals, please contact your place of purchase. If further assistance is required, please contact the regional distributor, contact information provided in the locate a retailer search.

Where can I find the fireplace serial number?

The appliance model and serial number can be found on the rating plate located on the left side of the fireplace between the window frame and the lintel.